How do you create reviews?

Our reviewers are assigned topics based on their expertise and our customers’ needs. Then they take the time necessary to sort through the good, the bad and the very ugly products and services. Once they narrow their list to the top 15 or 20, they’ll begin their in-depth review. They identify necessary features for each service or product and create a spreadsheet to track each product’s features.

After they’ve compiled their features list and have finished their in-depth product research, they are able to discard products that are lacking and sort the products from best to worst. Things like price, customer support, additional fees and product features are all taken into consideration during our review process.

Do you ever actually use a product or service you’re reviewing?

We don’t just search the internet for product information when we’re creating reviews. We do our best to either borrow samples from manufacturers or buy products like everyone else. When it’s not possible to actually use a product or service, we speak directly with customers to see what features they like, dislike and wish a product/service had.

How does your scoring system work?

We use spreadsheets to create side-by-side product comparisons. We identify key features – like price, customer support, product quality and other specific features to determine each product’s ranking. Each review is completely unique and uses different criteria.

How do sales influence your reviews?

Our sales teams and our review teams work completely independently. We don’t allow sales to influence the way that we complete our reviews. Our professional writers research and rank the best products for each review. Then they give the product list to our sales team and it’s their job to figure out how to bring in revenue.

Do you ever update your reviews?

There are so many new products and services that hit the market every single day. We do our very best to make sure our reviews are updated as needed so that you’ll always have the most accurate information. You may notice we change product scores and rankings as new products are released and old products are updated.

I can’t find a review that I’m looking for, can I request a review?

Yes! If we’re missing a product or service review that you think is important, you can submit review ideas here. We will take a look at your ideas and see what we can do to create a review or add a product to an existing review.